IMG_7585[1]From 8 April 2016 the British Parachute Association made it far more easy for a participant to take part in a tandem skydive experience.

You can now self-declare your fitness to participate. Now that doesn’t mean EVERYONE can suddenly go skydiving as there is still quite a thorough form to complete to make this declaration. If you do have one of the conditions listed you can then get a GP medical declaration stamped in the usual way if your GP is happy for you to safely take part based on your condition.

So what stops you taking part?

Having problems with joint, back, sciatic or neck problems especially shoulder dislocations may mean you cannot self declare as well as cardiac problems, respiratory problems and any medical procedure within 3 months of your jump. Certain health conditions and diseases such as MS, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy etc will also need a GP clearance before you jump. The full list can be viewed here by downloading form F115a. 

During the time we have been involved in this sport all ages, shapes and sizes have taken to the skies with us! People who have been through terrible times have got up and raised funds in memory of loved one, celebrated good times and enjoyed birthday treats. Whatever your reason to jump, now its even easier.

How to take part…

Jumping for charity? – go here

Jumping for fun – then go choose your location here

Want to find out a little more? Then go here

Got a question – look here to find the answer  or contact us