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Charity Tandem Skydives with Airborne Adventure

If you are feeling the pinch, and really want to tandem skydive, then raising funds for a charity may be a good option for you. Potentially the skydive is for free – but as you know there is no such thing as a ‘free ride’ and part of the funds you raise will pay for the costs associated with the tandem skydive. If good hearted (and adventurous) people were not prepared to do something amazing, such as a tandem skydive, then the charities would not be able to benefit in this way.

You will need to pay a deposit of £35 and commit to raise at least a further £365 more – total minimum cost of £400*. In many cases people raise far more than they expected far exceeding the minimum amount required. Once the skydive has been paid for the charity will benefit from the remainder of the monies plus the Gift Aid from those who are eligible to donate in this way raising further funds for the charity of your choice. The deposit is the only non-refundable part of the booking.

Airborne Adventure have certain selected charities that we work with, but you may have your own close to your heart. We can contact them on your behalf and make the arrangements for you. Call 07900066617 for assistance and further advise on this. If you have a group that wish to participate, Airborne Adventure will liaise with them for you and ensure that documents and payments are all in place. In some cases, charity jumps can become very emotional, especially jumps in memory of a loved one and Airborne Adventure will be sensitive to your needs and requirements. We work very closely with the Parachute Centre and will aim to make your day special for you, your friends and your family.

Once you have made your deposit payment we will send the appropriate sponsor form for your charity. You pay your deposit via our normal online booking process.

* price estimated on everyone donating via Gift Aid for max of £400 raised @25p in every pound

Go Raise logoWhichever money collecting platform you are using such as Just Giving, Virgin Money Giving, BT MyDonate or Just Text Giving which is instant and direct for your sponsors to donate to,  we highly recommend in each case that you register your challenge with GoRaise. Gift Aid can also be collected this way and the charity can see how much you have raised for them. If you have raised the minimum amount, Airborne Adventure then invoice the charity to pay for your skydive direct from your fundraised monies. Simple!